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Do affiliate codes expire?

Generally, in order to give our affiliates the best support and freely time, 
we will set up a stable long-term effective affiliate code, 

Except the following special case:

1. The affiliate code are related on special product, which have been outstock 
and discontinued, We will cancel the affiliate code and promptly notify you 
to replace a new affiliate code.

2. The affiliate code are related on special country, which might met big problem in shipping, 
custom clearance, country laws, or an uncontrollable sale in holidays promote, we may consider 
suspending or canceling sales to the country. We will also promptly notify you of the changes.

3. Affiliate initiatively want to stop cooperation and cancel the promotion. 
or because of website closed, We will stop the codes as follow your requirement.

4. Affiliate requires a code change. 
We will generate a new replacement code for you and remove the old one.

5. It's a special affiliate code, short-term sales plan recommended by Exduct.
We will promptly notify when the plan is terminated.