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Why should i choose Exduct Affiliate Program ? have been a Chinese online store since 2009. We’ve brought many quality outdoor tools and accessories.
Become an Exduct Affiliate allows you to share your content related to our outdoor resources, and you can earn commission from your sales.

Here are few reasons why you should choose Exduct Affiliate Program:

  • It is a freelance job and your personal business: 
    Affiliate program is a long-term and sustainable business. It will bring you continuous income.
    The most important thing for you is to find a good partner. If you are not sale software but physical goods,
    Then looking for a good partner from China mainland is a good choice.

  • Exduct is located in the world's largest commodity market.
    We will focus on control and made quality products, and easy seeking a product, you will no need to worry shipping,
    do packaging and after sale service. what you need to do is only help us to promote item online,
    then you receive commission from Exduct.

  • Lowest Payout Option and multiple payment methods : 
    Exduct provides the lowest Payout $30 unlike other big store, with strict rule and high payouts,
    Exduct allows you to earn faster, without having to wait a long time, while supporting multiple payment methods,
    Coupon Pay,PayPal, Bank transfer etc.

  • Flexible Commission Rate or Amount: 
    According to your affiliate levels,from each order, you will be possible to earn commission rate from 3-25%,
    or commission amount from $1-$100. you would freely choose the commission rate or amount within your affiliate level.
  • Special Goods Earn up to 15-30% :
    Exduct sometimes recommends products with a special affiliate code to you,
    it might bring you higher commission rate than normal sales.
  • Main countries receive higher commissions: 
    Exduct encourages the division of sales by country and gives higher commission support to main countries.
  • Exduct is focused on wholesale orders:
    Exduct tends to wholesale business, you will likely earn commission from high rate of wholesale orders,
    so that you will receive high commission income in the short term, rather than from a single retail order.