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What is Exduct Affiliate Program ?

Exduct Affiliate Program is an automated electronic program that involves a web advertiser and recruited webmasters.
The webmasters, as affiliates, place Exduct advertisements on your individually owned websites.

In general, most affiliate programs are referred to as affiliate links, When an online visitor click the affiliate link,
the visitor is redirected to the advertiser's website and if the customer/visitor makes a purchase, the affiliate is then paid a commission.

But, Exduct Affiliate run another way. We do not follow on affiliate link, instead to generate an unique code for each affiliate.
When an online visitor use the affiliate code, Buyer can save off, and you will also earn commission. It is more flexible, simply, win-win,
and each affiliate, customer will possible to meet in different rate. Please check below table to find more details:

Exduct Affiliate Program Affiliate Level Code Numbers
Regular Sales less $1000 Start 3 Code
Monthly Sales $1000 -$2000 High 10 Code
Monthly Sales $3000 -$5000 Premium 15 Code
Monthly Sales $8000 -$9000 VIP 30 Code
Monthly Sales > $10K Super 50 Code
Special Recommended Products High + Special Code

Affiliate Monthly Sales Commission Rate Total Rate
Regular Sales less $1000 3-7% 10%
Monthly Sales $1000 -$2000 3-9% 12%
Monthly Sales $3000 -$5000 3-10% 13%
Monthly Sales $8000 -$9000 3-11% 14%
Monthly Sales > $10K 3-12% 15%
Special Recommended Products 3-25% Up to 30%

Order Amount Except Shipping Commission Amount Total Amount
Order Amount Reach to $30 $1-2 $3
Order Amount Reach to $50 $1-4 $6
Order Amount Reach to $100 $1-8 $13
Order Amount Reach to $500 $1-60 $70
Order Amount Reach to $1000 $1-100 $150

Order Shipping Countries Commission Rate Total Rate
Shipping To United States 3-12% 15%
Shipping To Singapore 3-11% 14%
Shipping To Germany 3-10% 13%
Shipping To Russian Federation 3-9% 12%
Shipping To Other Countries 3-7% 10%