This morning, I went park with 3 sanrenmu knives: 710,810 and 910

What a wonderful morning! I taken these favorite knives. let's take a look and compare the size.

Compare Size of Sanrenmu 710 810 910

As you can see, from left to right, It's the Sanrenmu 710, Sanrenmu 810, Sanrenmu 910

Cutting test

I make a cutting test,they are all sharp in work.

Sanrenmu Knives on tree

Let's stand up together, all guys here, Take a look, who is taller ?

Sanrenmu Knives 710 810 910

Again, We are all folded. The bigger one look more handsome, isn't it ?

Sanrenmu 710 Land Knife 810 910

Lie down and show in back, solid clip,tip down or tip up.

Knife on the tree

Hey,we are on the tree, it's cool!

Land 810 on tree

LAND Knife 810 on the tree.

LAND 910 on the tree

Sanrenmu 710 on the tree

Sanrenmu Land Knives on the rock

I went to the park, bring all these 3 Knives and my keys together into a bag. the outdoor bag is very useful to me,
It with me everyday, when i go outdoor to carry the edc tools or even go to bank, supermarket, put all my phone
wallet, cash together, it with a wrist belt hands-free.